Columbia Clothing Bank


Columbia Clothing Bank is located at the Columbia Presbyterian Church and is open to anyone needing clothing. Members of Kreutz Creek and Wrightsville Presbyterian Churches work together to make this ministry successful.

The clothing bank is open the first Tuesday of each month from 6 to 7:30 PM and the third Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The staff sorts, sizes and hangs merchandise in advance of their hours of business


Thank you for your support of this valuable ministry!


East York Food Pantry 

The East York Food Pantry is located in the Wrightsville United Methodist Church.  It is supported by many churches and organizations in Hellam and Wrightsville.  In 2009, it served an average of 41 families, including 75 adults and 58 children each month.  A total of $8,119.44 in vouchers for Sue's Grocery was provided to clients. 
Kreutz Creek's assignment is dessert items - cake mix, brownie mix, etc.  And they still are in need of canned beans...any kind.  If preferred, cash donations are always welcome.

East York Paramedic Unit

An advanced life support team from Memorial Hospital is based at Kreutz Creek Church.  
Two paramedics are on duty 24 hours a day in their own room upstairs in the education wing of the church.